How to make an aquafaba whisky sour using chickpea brine

Bottoms up: A bean-happy take on the classic whiskey sour.
Bottoms up: A bean-happy take on the classic whiskey sour.  Photo: Supplied

Ditching that yellow pondish water your chickpeas have been swimming in? Don't. Chickpea brine or aquafaba (Latin for "bean water") is the perfect substitute for eggs and egg whites, whether it's used in liquid form or whipped into marshmallows, meringue or mayo. You can even use it at the slinkier end of the day, in this bean-happy take on the classic whisky sour. Bottoms up.

Hanegi sour recipe

Bar Lafayette, Perth

This vegan whisky sour is in honour of Tokyo's Hanegi Park, home to more than 600 plum trees. 


40ml Japanese whisky such as Suntory Kakubin

30ml Choya umeshu

30ml lemon juice

15ml liquid aquafaba (straight from the tin unwhipped)

10ml sugar


2 dashes plum bitters 

For the garnish

5 pink lady apples, shredded or finely chopped

200ml apple cider vinegar

200ml white sugar syrup



To make aquafaba, drain a can of chickpeas and reserve the liquid (freeze excess in ice-cube trays to use another time if you wish).

Place all ingredients in cocktail shaker.

Shake once with no ice. This "dry shake" essentially whips the proteins in the aquafaba.

Add ice and shake.

Strain into a double old-fashioned glass with large cubed ice.

Add mint, stirrer and fruit leather (below) as garnish.

For the garnish

Let all ingredients sit in a jar for three days, then strain. (The liquid will make a delicious apple shrub, perfect for other cocktails or enjoying as a tart yet refreshing drink with soda or ginger ale).

Blend the apple solids in a food processor until smooth, adding more sugar to taste if required.

Spread out on baking paper or silicon sheet and put in dehydrator on medium overnight.

Cut into strips or whatever shape you please (straight lines are easiest).