Pretty in pink: Three pink gins to try

Gin sour made with Warner's Rhubarb Gin.
Gin sour made with Warner's Rhubarb Gin. Photo: Supplied

 CAUTION: Pink gins can turn purists a matching colour – with indignation. They will remind you that classic gin's defining ingredient is juniper, and many "new wave" flavoured gins appear to have merely nodded a greeting to this botanical on the way to a big party hosted by fruit and its candy friends.

Pinks are pretty, summery and huge in the UK, where 150-plus brands rock every hue from ballet slipper to Barbie. Some, it must be said, are best left on Instagram – which loves #pinkdrinks regardless of whether they taste like liquefied Hello Kitty.

The great pinks, though, weave subtle sweetness around a strong juniper base, deriving colour and flavour from real fruit. Pinkster Gin, just in from the UK, steeps fresh raspberries in the triple-distilled spirit, with black peppercorn reining in the berry-burst so the juniper still has a say.

Another lovely newcomer to these shores, Warner's Rhubarb Gin, is a tangy, complex fruit bomb thanks to the pressed fresh rhubarb juice, which English farmer Tom Warner uses instead of water to cut his infused Harrington Dry to bottle strength.

Aussie pink Poor Toms Strawberry Gin is deliciously dry and delicate; fresh strawberries, young ginger and hibiscus flowers steeped in Sydney Dry Gin yield (almost) purist-pleasing results.

If gin for you means uncompromising London dry, but you're also a sucker for pink eye candy, then yours is the original Pink Gin cocktail – a 19th century naval seasickness remedy of 60ml dry gin with three dashes of Angostura bitters. Pink yet sailor-strength, it'll tint your spectacles in no time.