Drink trends: All about canned cocktails

Science is driving a new generation of classy ready-made drinks in cans.
Science is driving a new generation of classy ready-made drinks in cans. Photo: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

If mixed drinks in tins make you think of spam and pineapple chunks, consider this: it's 2019. Online dating is no longer for losers. A phone made from glass isn't preposterous.

Sensibilities have advanced, but more importantly so has science, and it's driving a new generation of classy ready-made drinks exemplified by the canned Archie Rose Espresso Martini and Four Pillars Negroni.

They're from Curatif, a trio of Australian bartenders driven by the noble imperative of taking quality cocktails to places remaining stubbornly beyond your favourite bar's reach: the beach, a tent, stadiums, boats, and your lounge room.

Fully recyclable, the cans boast impressive sustainability credentials. But the real clincher is the taste.

Thanks to deep, geek-boggling food technology negating the need for preservatives, a proprietary brew from Seven Seeds Coffee, and their creators' uncompromising finickiness, the Espresso Martini has all the depth and balance of its best bar-made brethren, with the vodka's five gin botanicals sweetly smooching the coffee's fruity notes.

Currently in development, with at least one slated for summer, are a Margarita, Bloody Mary, Aviation, Old Fashioned, classic Daiquiri, and decaf Espresso Martini.

With good canned wine already available, is it time to put the tinnie on the top shelf? Yes, we can.

From bottle shops and curatif.com