11 of Melbourne's best coffee delivery services

Myffy Rigby
Market Lane coffee from Melbourne.
Market Lane coffee from Melbourne. Photo: Supplied

Working from home doesn't mean skimping on quality coffee. Whether you're time poor and can only spend the time it takes to pour hot water in a mug or devoted to the full espresso experience, we've got you.

Code Black

Drink seasonal, with their limited edition bean blends. If stability and comfort is what you need, they'll also deliver all your favourites from their range.



The nice thing about ordering via subscription is controlling the dose, and the frequency. Here, you can choose between three types of espresso and a filter, and they'll adjust your grind depending on your setup. They also carry an impressive equipment range.


Dukes Coffee Roasters - top 10 CBD cafe. To be used for upcoming cover story by Matt Holden. Pictures by Kristoffer Paulsen. Please credit.

Dukes Coffee Roasters - nailing the subscription thing. Photo: Kristoffer Paulsen


Everyday Coffee

These guys get down to the nitty gritty of dose (250g, 500g, 750g or 1kg?), and method (Moccamaster? Pourover? French press? Aeropress? Stovetop?) then deliver exactly what you need.


Market Lane

Imagine a world where every introvert and shut in is also highly caffeinated. Oh wait. We're already here. This roastery and cafe has the situation under control and will delivery door to door along with all their favourite gear to brew with. You'll never leave the house again.


Pod and Parcel

New to pods? Try their sample pack to see what you like, then order big. The best bit is the empty pods are totally compostable. Win!


Proud Mary

Choose your weapon when it comes to the frequency of your subscription. For as little as $24, you'll get your choice of espresso or filter coffee straight to your door. They'll even deliver your Bonsoy (soy milk) if you need it.


Sensory Lab

Here, the guess work is taken out of coffee. Their subscription service offers three blends of espresso and one filter coffee. Bada bing, bada boom.


Seven Seeds

Want to put the least amount of effort into your at-home coffee drinking possible? Order the 'Seeds cold brew available in either a six pack of cans or by the cask. How very convenient!


Small Batch

The MO here is getting customers at home to make cafe-quality coffee. With that in mind, they're all about education as well as selling the right tools for success. Check 'em out.


St Ali

Everything you've always loved about these Melbourne legends, now available in Nespresso-capable pod form. If you're a fan of tradition, however, they also offer a whole bean subscription service. Oh, and hand sanitiser!


Three Thousand Thieves

Well, check this out. Each month your subscription pack will feature a new Australian roaster and their beans. That means everyone gets a little bit of love. How good.