Which milk tastes best? Soy, almond, rice, oat and good old dairy

Mylk taste test

Popular alternative milks are subjected to the discerning taste buds of a gelati maker, a barista, a sommelier and a chef.

Thinking about giving an alternative milk a whirl but don't know which to try? Can the range of alternative milks every really replace the satisfaction of a creamy latte?

We put the supermarket brands to the test and invited the experts to rate them: a barista, a sommelier, a chef and the head chef at Gelato Messina walked the gamut of dairy 'mylks' and gave their verdict.

Chef Colin Fassnidge, Gelato Messina's Donato Toce, Automata sommelier Tim Watkins and Vittoria Coffee's Joe Rahme gave each a score out of ten for taste. Can any compare to good old dairy milk?