Close to zero: Three drinks with no or low alcohol

The no- and low-alcohol drinks segment is booming.
The no- and low-alcohol drinks segment is booming. Photo: P. Kijsanayothin

Attempting to make it through Dry July with a consistent blood alcohol reading of zero? You're not alone. And the good news is you're halfway there. Abstaining for the short-term (or a lifetime) is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. I'm all for more mindful consumption, especially quality over quantity. It should be encouraged. Beverage companies have cottoned on, and the no- and low-alcohol segment is booming. If you're keen to cut back, these zero-to-low options are worth reaching for.

Sidewinder Lime Super Ultra No Alc XPA, Vic, $15 per four-pack

If your nanna ever let you have a sneaky sip of her shandy on a hot summer day (mine did), this may bring back memories. It's lime-meets-beer without the sugar hit. Brick Lane Brewing's creation is zippy, refreshing and packs just enough hoppy booty to sate a traditional XPA drinker's needs. They do passionfruit and deluxe XPA versions, too. Love the retro packaging – it's like something out of Stranger Things. 0.5 per cent alcohol (0.1 standard drinks).

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Barossa Wine Cartel 2022 No, No. non-alcoholic rosé, SA, $20

If you simply must reach for a zero-alc "wine", then a super-chilled rosé is probably as good as it gets. This is young winemaker Josh Pfeiffer's first crack at a non-alcoholic drink under his BWC label and he gave it decent thought. Pfeiffer pressed Barossa Valley riesling and chardonnay (verjus – aka early-picked grape juice) and added Adelaide Hills cherry juice to give it a pretty pink hue and grip. A sprinkle of Murray River Salt was the simple but magic ingredient to harmonise the fruity ruckus. 0 per cent alcohol.

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The Gospel Projects Responsible Rye, Vic, $46

A zero-alcohol whiskey alternative can be a difficult one to wrap the noggin around, but rye whiskey distillery The Gospel has given it a shot. You should, too. A year of development went into the drop (thanks to determined distiller Ellie Ash who used a base of de-alcoholised Straight Rye Whiskey and beefed it up with botanical extracts). It launched on July 8 so it's the latest kid on the super-low alc block. Bang it in a glass with dry ginger ale and a slice of orange and let the hangover-free times roll. 0.5 per cent alcohol.

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