Get your fruit on for Perth's best summer breakfasts

Liz Sheehan
Summer breakfasts in Perth.
Summer breakfasts in Perth. Photo: Liz Sheehan

It's summer and the best fruit is in season.

Hot mornings call for something refreshing to eat.  A rainbow of berries, stone fruit, melon, grapes, mangoes and bananas can be seen decorating breakfast all over Perth.

This summer has seen the rise of the smoothie bowl dominate the lighter end of breakfast menus. These colourful bowls usually comprise of thick blended icy cold fruit topped with fresh fruit, granola and coconut. 

You can also expect to see heavier options such as pancakes and French toast topped with a mountain of fresh fruit.

Where can you go in Perth to get a summery breakfast? Here are some places that are worth visiting:

Shop 4, 172 St Georges Tce, Perth (Cnr of King Street)
Breakfast served Mon to Fri 6am–3pm

As the name suggests, bowls is this joint's game.  For $13 you can select from a handful of smoothie bowls such as the co-co made of cacao, avocado, banana, sea salt, honey, organic peanut butter and coconut milk; the frosty boy made of Pineapple, orange, mango, ginger, lemon and turmeric; and the pop-eye made with spinach, avocado, kiwi fruit, banana, ginger, lemon and raw super greens.

I tried the Utah - papaya, mango and pineapple blended into the smoothie with coconut water topped with banana, granola, strawberries and coconut flesh. The mango and papaya made for a creamy base with plenty of freshness coming in from the pineapple. 

If you're after something cool to drink with your smoothie bowl, there is nitro cold brew, kombucha and fizzy tea available.

A smoothie bowl at Bowl'N (left) and 'pot of rainbow' at Esprezzo.

A smoothie bowl at Bowl'N (left) and 'pot of rainbow' at Esprezzo. Photo: Liz Sheehan

Noranda Village Shopping Centre – Benara Road, Noranda
Breakfast served Mon to Sat 8am–2pm

It's written on the wall in this café – "We believe if we eat a rainbow every day our pot of gold will be a lifetime of health". It doesn't get more colourful than the smoothie bowl on offer here.

Pink pitaya (dragonfruit) smoothie bowl ($16) is topped with crunchy house made granola, coconut chips and fresh seasonal fruit. This breakfast was almost too pretty to eat with its bright pink smoothie, flowers and precision cut fruit. Looks aren't everything; the taste was spot on with a mix of textures making for well-rounded healthy breakfast.

To keep things cool, order the nitro coffee. It's cold brew folded with nitrogen over night. It settles in the glass like Guinness and has a creamy smooth finish. 

The raw parfait and banana bread with a mountain of fruit at Flora & Fauna.

The raw parfait and banana bread with a mountain of fruit at Flora & Fauna. Photo: Liz Sheehan

Flora & Fauna
4/70 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Breakfast served Tues to Fri 7.30am–3pm, Sat to Sun 8.30am–3pm

The prettiest food in Perth can be found at this quaint hole in the wall café in Northbridge. Everything is bright, fresh and summery. 

The raw parfait ($21) is a gluten free and vegan option made up of layers of raw brownie, raspberry chia pudding, coconut yogurt, and vegan chocolate mousse topped with fresh fruit and a poached pear. Digging through the layers of this delicious breakfast will have you soon forgetting all about bacon and eggs.

For $15 you can get a hefty slice of banana bread with a mountain of fresh fruit and berry compote, peanut butter or Nutella on the side. The banana bread is refined sugar, gluten, dairy and egg free. But can you tell? Not at all. As with all their meals, these guys know how to deliver tasty food that's good for you.

George Street Quarters
71-75 George Street, East Fremantle
Breakfast served Mon to Fri 6am–3pm, Sat to Sun 7am–3pm

George Street in East Freo is like a mini Beaufort Street - great café after great café. One such place, George Street Quarters, has struck a balance on their menu between the substantial heavier breakfasts like eggs benedict and the lighter fresh options such as smoothie bowls.

There are two on offer here for $16 each. The acai bowl with seasonal fruit, granola, goji, cacao nibs and shaved coconut; and the pitaya (dragonfruit) and mango bowl with passionfruit, granola, strawberry, kiwi fruit and shaved coconut.

I ordered the pitaya and mango bowl, which was served in a coconut shell with a wooden spoon. The smoothie was thick and creamy and there was plenty of crunchy granola and fresh fruit to last. It's no fun being left with melted smoothie at the end and nothing to go with it!

This place is combined with a gourmet food shop, so the bowls are also available takeaway.

The acai bowl at George Street Quarters (left) and the chia and tapioca pudding at Jack and Jill.

The acai bowl at George Street Quarters (left) and the chia and tapioca pudding at Jack and Jill. Photo: Liz Sheehan

Jack and Jill
18 Haynes Street, Kalamunda
Breakfast served Tues to Sun 8am–12pm

The guys at this popular hills café change their menu very regularly to keep up with the seasonality of the food they use. So you'll have to be quick to try their latest chia and tapioca pudding ($13).

Soaked in coconut milk, the soft pearls of chia and tapioca were topped with fresh mango, passionfruit pulp, coconut and freeze-dried lychees. The mix of textures in this dish is wonderful, especially the lychees. They were honeycomb-like in their upfront crunch, which was followed by sweet chewiness. 

If you have forgotten what it is like to get a milkshake that ISN'T in a mason jar, order one here. It comes served in the tall silver tin cup it was mixed in. Like the good old days!

Little Bird Café
100 Lake Street, Northbridge
Breakfast served Mon to Sun 8am–4pm

This cafe is known for using beautiful flowers and loads of fruit on their cakes and breakfasts. The feeling of summer radiates from the food on offer here.

The banana and coconut buckwheat pancake ($19.90) is a popular choice for gluten free eaters and those wanting something with substance and summer freshness.  

A massive fluffy pancake with crispy edges is served with maple syrup, cashew cream and seasonal fruit. Cherries, bananas, berries, rose petals and sprigs of mint made for a colourful, fresh topping to this filling breakfast.

Maybe grab a slice of cake to take home. It'll be hard to walk past the counter without stopping for a wide-eyed look.

Banana and coconut buckwheat pancakes at Little Bird Cafe (left) and an acai bowl at Jujuberry+Co.

Banana and coconut buckwheat pancakes at Little Bird Cafe (left) and an acai bowl at Jujuberry+Co. Photo: Liz Sheehan

135 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn
Breakfast served Mon to Sun 8am–3pm

This café has firmly cemented itself in Mt Hawthorn the go to place for healthy organic food. Their food is bright, colourful and interesting. Summer is a season right up their alley with a cache of bright ingredients begging to be added to their smoothie bowls.

For $17.50 customers can choose from four bowls such as matcha blended with pineapple, banana, kale, spinach, lime and coconut milk topped with banana, coconut flakes, almonds, goji berries and cacao nibs; and banana and strawberries blended with maca, almond milk and maple topped with strawberries, coconut and house made granola.

I opted for the traditional acai bowl. Acai berries were blended with banana, berries, maple syrup, vanilla and almond milk topped with granola, chia, strawberries, banana and sunflower seeds. 

There were no complaints about the serving size here. There was plenty of crunchy house made granola and fresh fruit to last the whole bowl.

Smoothie bowls are also available take away.

Mrs S
178 Whatley Crescent, Maylands or 487 Beaufort Street, Highgate
Breakfast served Mon to Fri 7am–3pm, Sat to Sun 8am–3pm

The rose and berry panna cotta at Mrs S would have to be one of its most photographed dishes. For good reason, it's pretty and delicious.

The creamy panna cotta is flavoured with rose water, giving it a unique taste. Stone fruit, bananas, berries and kiwi fruit made for the perfect mix of summer fruit balancing textures and sweetness. Crushed pistachios were an element with a difference and a well-matched partner to the rose water. 

It's served with a quinoa and almond crumble making this dish a tick for gluten free eaters.

Rose and berry panna cotta at Mrs S (left) and chai spice granola at Sprolo.

Rose and berry panna cotta at Mrs S (left) and chai spice granola at Sprolo. Photo: Liz Sheehan

138 Canning Highway, South Perth
Breakfast served Mon to Fri 7am–2pm, Sat 8am–2pm, Sun 8am–1.30pm

This café brought to Perth a south-east Asian breakfast experience with their famous Singaporean breakfast, kaya toast and roti prata. 

We all know how got it can get up near the equator… and in Perth. Sprolo has the perfect summery breakfast with their chai spice granola ($13.50). A creamy coconut and raspberry panna cotta is served with crunchy granola, raspberries and sweet lychees. A little jug of coconut milk comes on the side making for a tropical tasting breakfast.

"Fran's Coconut Cold Brew" ($7.50), made up of cold brew, coconut water, fresh mint, and nata de coco (coconut jelly), is a great choice for a coffee hit on a hot morning.

The Little Shop of Plenty
217 Railway Parade, Maylands
Breakfast served Mon to Thurs 7am–3.30pm, Fri to Sat 7am–5pm, Sun 8am–4pm

You might have to be quick to score a taste of this breakfast at health food café The Little Shop of Plenty. The raw banana crepes ($22) are only on the specials menu but judging by how many people ordered them when I visited on a Monday morning, I wonder if the dish will stay around a while for the warmer months.

Two paper thin crepes were folded with sliced bosc pears and raw "nutella". The spread was made from hazelnuts and cacao. While it didn't taste 100% like the real thing, it was pretty damn close and it's a whole lot healthier. 

Crumbled hazelnuts added crunch and a big dollop of icy cold coco whip (soft serve made from coconut) made this breakfast decadent without the guilt. 

Raw banana crepes at Little Shop of Plenty.

Raw banana crepes at Little Shop of Plenty. Photo: Liz Sheehan