Perth's best toasted sandwiches

Toastface - Notorious BAG-Bring the Ruckus-Thrillacheese
Toastface - Notorious BAG-Bring the Ruckus-Thrillacheese Photo: Liz Sheehan

Toasted sanga, sambo, sarnie, toastie…. No matter what you call it there is no doubt that a toasted sandwich can really hit the spot.

Eating a toastie can be risky business. Going in too fast can leave you trying to cool down lava hot filling scorching the roof of your mouth by doing a weird chew/blow manoeuvre. It's not an attractive look. Leave it too long and you'll be chewing your way through rubbery cheese.

Go in easy, start with the corners and work your way in to that delicious filling.

Speaking of fillings, there's resurgence in the popularity of the toastie meaning it's not just a choice of ham, cheese and tomato anymore. Places are offering up fillings such as brie, gouda, mozzarella and other international cheeses, chilli, onion jam, egg, meatballs and pulled pork.

Here are the five top places in Perth to get your gourmet toasted sandwich fix:

Get Ya Fix

Equipment at Get Ya Fix

Equipment at Get Ya Fix Photo: Liz Sheehan

471 William Street, Perth
Open Tues to Sun 7am–3pm

A bike shop selling jaffles? Back that bicycle up… what!?!


While their main business is selling some pretty cool cycling machines, Get Ya Fix is also sorting out your caffeine and toastie fix with top notch coffee from Twin Peaks and a jaffle menu as long as the Tour De


They've thrown out the playbook when it comes to jaffle fillings here. Ranging in price from $8-$11, there's choices such as the "The Dirty Sanchez" – cream cheese, jalapeños, corn and crushed corn chips;

"Uncle Kraut" – pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing; and "Mafiosa" – kalamata olives, red capsicum, ham and  cheese.

For those that prefer the simpler things in life, there is still your standard ham, cheese and tomato jaffle and the "Yeasty Boi" – gouda, vegemite and avocado.

All jaffles come served with potato chips and a dill pickle. 

Lady Latte

Lady latte - The Wipeout

Lady latte - The Wipeout Photo: Liz Sheehan

39 Edgehill Road, Scarborough
Open Tues to Sun 6.30am–2pm

Lady Latte started out as a coffee van but more recently has opened up a permanent home in Scarborough.

Along with an all day breakfast menu, there is a whole menu devoted to gourmet jaffles. Expect to see fillings such as pulled pork coupled with curry aioli and mozzarella in the "Curry Up" ($10) and cola baked ham layered with pineapple, cheddar, mozzarella and sweet chilli in the "Wipe Out" ($10). If you're up for a double dose of carbs get the jaffle that needs no introduction – the Mac n Cheese. 

Those with a sweet tooth might like to try the "Hound Dog" – peanut butter, banana and jam topped with honey, almonds and hazelnuts. Don't forget that Elvis died so we could enjoy treats such as this.

Kids can choose from ham and cheese or vegemite and cheese jaffles. Gluten free eaters aren't left out here with GF bread also available.

Little Lamont's

Little Lamont's

Photo: Liz Sheehan

660 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill
Open Mon to Fri 7am–6pm, Sat 8am–2pm

If Fiona Lamont is making you a toasted sandwich, then life is pretty bloody good. Little Lamont's is a gourmet take-away shop, featuring Lamont's restaurant inspired food to-go along with deli and pantry items.

A selection of several toasted sambos is written up on the board every day. That's how Fiona Lamont works. What's fresh in that day goes up on the menu.

Expect to see fillings such as bacon and egg with onion jam; roast beef, tomato, cucumber, red onion, pickles and rocket; and fried egg, mushroom, spinach and chilli jam.

If you want just a simple ham and cheese toastie – ask! It won't be common as muck, shaved sandwich ham here. It's the real deal, off the bone, leg ham. Thick cut. Delish!

Bread comes courtesy of Jean Pierre Sancho. Sliced white supermarket bread doesn't have the strength to hold the hefty amount of filling loaded in here.

Livingstone's Urban Jungle

Livingstone - SlamCheese and BadaBing

Livingstone - SlamCheese and BadaBing Photo: Liz Sheehan

Perth Cultural Centre (Opposite the Art Gallery WA)
Open Mon to Fri 6.30am–4pm, Sat 9am–4pm, Sun 10am–4pm

Tackling the animals at the office jungle needs a serious toastie. Livingstone's, at the Perth Cultural Centre, is in the perfect spot to offer just that.

One of the biggest sellers is a pimped up ham & cheese toastie called the Slam 'n' Cheese ($8) - smoked ham, seeded mustard, gruyere cheese and béchamel sauce.

The "Bada Bing" ($8.50) is worth a look in if you want something a bit more meaty with its Italian meatballs, garlic and rosemary tomato sauce and Emmental cheese.

If you're not a toastie purist, there are also toasted bagels on offer with fillings that are just as interesting.

This kiosk offers seating amongst up cycled furniture and pallet gardens or customers can grab and go. Keep an eye out during the up coming truffle season. In the past these guys have offered up a pretty special toastie to celebrate this decadent fungus.

Toastface Grillah

Toastface - Notorious BAG-Bring the Ruckus-Thrillacheese

Toastface - Notorious BAG-Bring the Ruckus-Thrillacheese Photo: Liz Sheehan

Grand Lane, Perth (Cnr of Barrack & Wellington Street)
Open Mon to Fri 7am–4pm, Sat 9am–4pm, Sun 9am–3pm

Several years ago when Perth CBD was awash with greasy ham and cheese croissants, the guys at Toastface made toasted sandwiches a sought after commodity once again.

Head down Grand Lane at the Barrack Street end of Murray Street mall and it won't be long before you see the street art and smell the alluring scent of grilled cheese.

Prices range from $5 for a simple classic grilled cheese up to $9 for the "Pear Grillz" – Stilton cheese, cinnamon pear, raisins, currants and lime chutney. Favourites include "Notorious B.A.G" – bacon, apple, gouda and onion, and the "Danny Zuccho" – brie, zucchini and jamon Serrano.

If you're after something a bit more beefy go for "Bring the Ruckus" – roast beef, horseradish, caramelised onion, rocket, provolone and cheddar.

A hole in the wall version of the shop has recently opened in Northbridge. Lil' Toastface (179 William Street) is supplying the same great coffee from Northbridge Coffee Roasters and a smaller selection of the famous toasties.

If you haven't "got" the name reference yet – Ghostface Killah is a rapper originally a part of 90's rap group Wu-Tang Clan. After being told about the café on Triple J, he even went and played an impromptu gig there when he was touring in 2014.