Five of a kind: Cheese shops

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder.
Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder. 

Creamy buffalo mozzarella, cow’s milk fior di latte and smoked scamorza among others are all hand-stretched and expertly shaped at La Latteria. With a focus on fresh and local Italian produce, aged parmagiano and pecorino are also available, while unhomogenised milk and organic yoghurt is sourced from Donnybrook farm. For homemade pizza and pasta inspiration, look no further.
104 Elgin Street, Carlton; 93479009;

Using classic ageing techniques, the cheesemongers at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder achieve results of the highest quality. Be it a local goats cheese, Dutch gouda or Irish blue, each offering is appropriately ripened and served with specialist knowledge. Gourmands can join the cheese club for home delivery and store discounts, although visiting is highly recommended. Originally opened by cheese guru Will Studd, consider this venue a landmark food destination.
48-50 Bridge Road, Richmond; 94212808;

‘‘Through the age-old techniques of washing, turning and brushing, each of our cheeses are ripened to perfection,’’ explains Spring Street Cheese Cellar’s Anthony Femia. Stocking local and international produce, 60-70 seasonal varieties are always on display but, at this time of year, the delicately nutty and floral Swiss alpine options are highly recommended. Customers are always treated to knowledgeable try-before-you-buy service too; enthusiasts should consider Femia’s monthly affinage workshops for an engaging education.  
157 Spring Street, Melbourne;; 96390335.

Though  more than 100 different cheeses are available over the counter, Milk the Cow’s main drawcard is via its in-house offerings. Being a fully licensed venue, you can enjoy cheese flights cleverly matched with either wine, beer, cider, sake, whisky, dessert wine or fortified. Those with more adventurous palates can request a personalised selection from cheesemonger Laura Lown. Groups can opt for traditional fondue pots, and, on the non-dairy front, Cuban cigars are available, too.
157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda; 95372225;

Owner Olivia Sutton runs a charming business, conveniently located next to Essendon’s Prince Wine & Spirits. Collaborating with her well-informed neighbours, new beverage matches are selected each week, while wine and cheese masterclasses are held regularly. Despite having only a small commercial fridge to trade from, Sutton’s curation is always carefully considered. ‘‘Because of the size of this space, I need to be mindful that I have everyday cheeses like cheddar, but also high-end and seasonal cheeses such as compte, stilton and brillat savarin.’’
80 Primrose Street, Essendon; 93706428;