How we score

For the first time, the Good Food Guide  this year will go national.
For the first time, the Good Food Guide this year will go national. Photo: Eddie Jim

Our points system explained

We score every restaurant we review out of 20. Here's how.

10 points for food

Deliciousness, technique, produce, balance, presentation, consistency, style, innovation, integrity.

*We're not comparing a fantastic biriyani with a 25-course degustation. This is all about what is best in its particular class.

5 points for hospitality

Attitude, friendliness, efficiency, pacing, attentiveness, professional skills, knowledge, COVID safety.

*Service need not be table service. It just needs to be the best version of the style of service they offer, whether that's ordering at the bar or counter, yum cha trolley, touch screen, QR code table delivery.

3 points for experience

Atmosphere, design, view, table spacing, noise levels, consistency, something extra (such as a kitchen garden, kitchen counter dining).

*Did you leave feeling like you'd had an incredible time, or as if you'd simply had a meal?

2 points for value

Is it worth it?

*Does it represent sound value either for money or experience? Would you recommend it?