Bar Carlo takes the Meyers Place site, but Meyers Place lives

Bar Carlo in the old Meyers Place site.
Bar Carlo in the old Meyers Place site. Photo: Tailor Group

Last year, tears were shed for Meyers Place, the tiny bar that opened in Meyers Lane in 1993 and became patient zero for Melbourne's small bar culture.

The reason for departure was simple. The building, including the Italian Waiters Club upstairs, is owned by the Sabbadini family. When the lease for Meyers Place ended last year, Sergio and Dennis Sabbadini decided to keep things in the family. It reopened the space in November as Bar Carlo, named for their father, and now run by Sergio's daughter, Alana.

The venue nods to northern Italy, offering a rotating selection of coffee, cakes, hand-prepared cicchetti and salty meats throughout the day.

When night falls, the venue's booze focus steers broadly Italian on the wine front, but there's also an exclusive northern Italian aperitif on offer called Leone. It's a "fresh alternative to Aperol and Campari for spritz lovers", according to Alana Sabbadini.

And in excellent news for Meyers Place fans, the bar lives. Works are under way at 24 Crossley Street, just 150 metres away. Co-owner Drew Pettifer says "all the fitout was salvaged and is being re-contextualised in the space". They hope to open in April.

Bar Carlo is open Mon 7am-5pm; Tue-Fri 7am-late; Sat 5pm-late.

20 Meyers Place, Melbourne,