Icebergs' Maurice Terzini opens Bonnie's Food + Wine at Bondi

Bonnie's Food + Wine is coming to Bondi Beach Public Bar.
Bonnie's Food + Wine is coming to Bondi Beach Public Bar. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Exactly who is Bonnie? That's what they're asking down at Bondi, where Maurice Terzini's latest launch is about to fire up.

Bonnie's Food + Wine is a Russian doll venue, a venue in a venue, at the Terzini-fronted Bondi Beach Public Bar.

It opens on September 19, but the inside word is it could be quietly trading as early as this weekend if the paint is dry.

"We've built a room within a room. We gave it a trial with the pizza [Joe Beddia, creator of Bon Appetit's 'best pizza in America', was in residence in July] but we always wanted to do a second stage to BBPB," Terzini says.

The 50-seater's wine list will tilt heavily to all natural, curated by James Hird.

There's a good sampling of wines from Le Coste, a vineyard a couple of hours' drive north of Rome, where the soil is varied, the vines are tended by hand and the wine chemical and additive-free.

"We're keeping the food simple. Grilled sardines with salsa verde, salumi with parsley and fennel, and marinated tuna with peppers, shallots and lemon," Terzini says.

So where does Bonnie get its name? Terzini says she's a local girl who's caught the eye of the BBPB crew.

Opens September 19.

180 Campbell Parade, Bondi.