Brooklyn Crispy takes the doggie dining-out game up a notch in Potts Point

Brooklyn Crispy's pizzas cater to humans and their best friends.
Brooklyn Crispy's pizzas cater to humans and their best friends. Photo: Supplied

It can be easier to find a puppuccino in Sydney than a parking spot, but in Potts Point the doggie dining-out game has just gone up a notch. At the newly opened Brooklyn Crispy, canines are chowing down specialty pizzas alongside their human companions.

If you're wondering why you wouldn't just feed your dog your leftovers, co-owner Andrew Hamilton explains a lot of research has gone into its canine menu: "We discovered tomato-based toppings are not great for them, so we've used sweet potato mash."

Venues that cater for dogs aren't new in the city, but they are becoming more specialised. Where pioneers such as Cafe Bones, in Leichhardt, were located next to dog-friendly parks, Brooklyn Crispy is in a heavily urban part of Sydney.

One of the regulars.
One of the regulars. Photo: Supplied

"Do I think there's a market for it? I don't think people would be travelling an hour in the rain to come here and try it if there wasn't," Hamilton argues.

"I'm reasonably certain we're the only place in Australia doing dog pizzas," he says. And its biggest seller? Skippy's nightmare: pizza topped with kangaroo bacon, beef mince and mozzarella ($12). Brooklyn Crispy is serious about its human pizzas, too, even smoking its meat toppings in house.

And for beverages, there's Puppy Vino, a bottled bone broth for its four-legged customers.

Potts Point has become pizza central in recent months, with Brooklyn Crispy's arrival coinciding with the relaunch of Monopole, on Macleay Street, as Ria Pizza and Wine.

The Brooklyn Crispy crew undertook a lot of research into two- and four-legged pizza-eating habits before opening. And while its interior is smart and booth-heavy, if you want to eat in with your dog you'll have to sit at one of the outdoor tables.

"We always tell customers to let the pizzas cool down," Hamilton warns. "The dogs don't slow down just because they are hot." 

Open daily 5pm-10.30pm (open for brunch and lunch Fri-Sun from March).

Shop 4, 2 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point,