Chef Matti Fallon to open Princes Pies in Melbourne CBD

Princes Pies' classic meat pie.
Princes Pies' classic meat pie. Photo: Supplied

Chef Matti Fallon has been working around the clock to turn a former Melbourne CBD barber shop and juice bar into Princes Pies.

Complications have delayed the unveiling but Fallon will finally swing open the doors on Tuesday, July 3, selling hand-made pies, pasties and sausage rolls made with grass-fed beef, vegetables and other local fresh ingredients.

In the pie warmers you'll find pies with fillings such as bolognese, lamb, goat's cheese and truffles, and vegan mushroom risotto, along with classic and prosciutto-wrapped pork, apple and fennel sausage rolls.

He'll also offer daily specials such as wedges of sweet pies such as salted golden syrup, marshmallow and pretzel, and has roped in chef friends to put their ideas inside pastry. First out of the blocks will be Fancy Hank's Mike Patrick, who'll make a beef brisket pie.

And for the all-important tomato sauce, Fallon has also teamed up with Tom Jacobson of Changz Canteen under their own label, Dead Horse. Pies are priced from $6 to $9.

Open Daily 8am-3pm from July 3.

10 Howey Place, Melbourne,