Former Aria chef opens Boronia Kitchen in Gladesville

Chef Simon Sandall and Susan Sullivan at Boronia Kitchen.
Chef Simon Sandall and Susan Sullivan at Boronia Kitchen. Photo: Supplied

Former Aria executive chef Simon Sandall swings open the doors on his own venue on Tuesday, June 12 , but don't expect any of Aria's fine dining plating at Boronia Kitchen.

Sandall's latest venture is more about rotisserie chicken than lobster French toast. "It's about community here," he stresses.

And Sandall would know. He's a local himself, having spent years eyeing the site of Il Bolognese restaurant, in suburban Gladesville, which sits across the road from the local school where he's been a long-serving parent.

Sandall and business partner Susan Sullivan swept on the site earlier this year, transforming the interior. And while he's quick to dismiss any comparisons with Aria, the chef is tapping a little of its attention to detail.

"I'm smoking my own salmon, serving it with crispy rye bread, and making my own butter," he says.

Sandall, who has his money on the ruby chocolate tart to rise as a Boronia Kitchen signature, says the all-day venue will also knock out baked eggs for breakfast.

"We want to be a kitchen for locals, so they'll be able to drop in and grab a roast chicken and some salad to take away," he says.

"It's not my first time at the rodeo," he says of his involvement opening venues as Moran's right-hand man in the kitchen, but this will be Sandall's first ride as a co-owner.

Open Tue-Sun 8am-10.30pm.

Boronia Kitchen, 152 Pittwater Road, Gladesville,