Hartsyard spin-off Wish Bone opens on Enmore Road

It's baaack ... Hartsyard's fried chicken reborn at Wish Bone.
It's baaack ... Hartsyard's fried chicken reborn at Wish Bone. Photo: Alexander Mayes Photography

When Hartsyard spin-off Wish Bone opened on Sunday, Hartsyard's famed fried chicken was born again after its hasty exit last year.

And if the machinery is anything to go by, it might just prove to be an upgrade on the original. "We've spent $30,000 on a deep fryer from the States. It is smart oil, it filters itself and keeps the impurities out," says Hartsyard founder Gregory Llewellyn.

It's the sort of machinery that'd impress Llewellyn and wife Naomi Hart's new partners in the Wish Bone venture, Blair Joscelyne and Marty Mulholland, creators of Mighty Car Mods, one of Australia's biggest YouTube success stories.

Canadian poutine is on the menu.
Canadian poutine is on the menu. Photo: Alexander Mayes Photography

"We've known them for a long time, they've really embraced it, downing tools to do their RSAs [Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate]," Llewellyn says.

With ambitions to open multiple branches of Wish Bone, its owners know Sydney doesn't live on fried chicken alone, so Llewellyn has flexed his culinary muscle with dishes such as Canadian poutine and mac 'n' cheese.

"We want to do the simple things really well, so it might be corn done really, really well," he says.

The venue opened on Sunday.
The venue opened on Sunday. Photo: Alexander Mayes Photography

While his new partner's touch can be found in Wish Bone's car suspension design touches, Llewellyn explains that while he shares their passion for classic cars, he gets around on a postie bike and drives a Ford Territory.

Surely they'll pimp his ride? "That'd be nice," the chef says.

Open daily, 5pm-late

125 Enmore Road, Enmore, wishbonerestaurant.com.au