Lune Croissanterie opens in Melbourne CBD

Kate Reid at her new Lune Croissanterie in the city.
Kate Reid at her new Lune Croissanterie in the city.  Photo: Eddie Jim

Lune, Fitzroy's cult croissanterie, is set to open the doors on its new CBD store early next week.

Croissants will continue to be rolled inside the futuristic, temperature-controlled cube at the Rose Street headquarters before being transported and baked on-site in the CBD from Tuesday, October 2.

"We didn't want to replicate the cube; it's what makes our headquarters really special," says Lune owner Kate Reid. "But by still proving and baking on-site, we're hoping to offer the same experience you get in Fitzroy of being able to walk in and get a warm croissant.

Lune will stock a concise edit of five croissants.
Lune will stock a concise edit of five croissants. Photo: Eddie Jim

"We're hoping that, if we can manage demand, we're still baking fresh croissants into the afternoon."

The CBD menu is simpler. "We're setting ourselves up as a breakfast offering to people who work in the CBD, and don't have time to stand in line for 45 minutes or an hour to wait for a selection of crazy pastries," says Reid. "Simplifying the offering will hopefully mean the queue moves faster."

On offer will be the traditional, almond and ham and cheese croissants, the pain au chocolat and the lemon curd cruffin. "We might rotate out the cruffin for another flavour we're running in Fitzroy, but we want people to know that there's always going to be those five trustworthy options, plus great coffee."

Despite the absence of a cube, the new space still "does draw a lot from its big sister" with the same concrete surfaces, a poured concrete island bench for customers to linger at, and a similar light feature by BREC.

"It almost feels a bit brutalist, like a concrete bunker, when it's empty," says Reid, "but once it's full of people and pastries and coffee and music, it'll feel like a very warm, happy space."

Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm.

Shop 16, 161 Collins Street, Melbourne (enter via Russell Street),