Three-in-one taqueria, terrace and kitchen lands in Coogee (plus karaoke room)

Whipped smoked trout and potatoes.
Whipped smoked trout and potatoes. Photo: Supplied

What could possibly be better than a restaurant with a private karaoke room to slide into after dinner? Maybe one that shows Mexican wrestling between songs. 

"We had some space so we threw [the karaoke room] in there," says chef and creative director Matthew Butcher.

The chef, who has worked alongside Gordon Ramsay and Vue de Monde's Shannon Bennett, is opening three venues in Coogee this Friday – a taqueria, a terrace eatery and the more refined Estate Kitchen.

Coogee's latest arrival is a taqueria, kitchen and terrace in one.
Coogee's latest arrival is a taqueria, kitchen and terrace in one. Photo: Supplied

The money for the restaurant foray has come from fund manager and private equity group Salter Brothers.

"They've done well with hotels so they want to try restaurants and do them differently," Butcher says.

The group set up an independent restaurant arm called ETO Collective, which has just swung open the doors on three venues in Melbourne: Yugo, Dive Bar and Pow Wow. 

Cherry Ripe bombe Alaska.
Cherry Ripe bombe Alaska. Photo: Supplied

Part of that approach has been the extensive use of market research. Rather than open something on a hunch, they've asked the residents of Coogee what they want. And while the venues are underneath Crowne Plaza Coogee, Butcher explains they are run independently.

While beachgoers can retreat for a quick taco at Estate Taqueria, Estate Kitchen will be more refined, with scampi risotto and bombe Alaska on the menu and staff preparing guacamole tableside.

Butcher knows Coogee is competitive food turf. "We want to be in between what you'd find downstairs and upstairs at Coogee Pavilion."


Estate Kitchen, Mon-Thu 5pm-late; Fri-Sun noon-late.

Estate Taqueria, daily noon-late.

Estate Terrace, Mon-Thu 4pm-10pm; Fri-Sun noon-10pm.

242 Arden Street, Coogee, 02 9315 9179,