Waterfall, firepit, French food and 3am licence? It must be Meu Jardim

The Sydney venue bills itself as a 'futuristic oasis'.
The Sydney venue bills itself as a 'futuristic oasis'. Photo: Supplied

What do you get when you mix a waterfall, a firepit, French food and a 3am licence? Well, hello Meu Jardim. The Sydney arrivee will fire up later this week for a few trial runs before unleashing itself on a post-lockout laws CBD.

Owner Ussi Moniz Da Silva set out to create a "futuristic oasis" in the heart of the city. And while diners will be met with a waterfall at the entrance, it won't be a calm monastic space with piped rainforest music.

"We've got 300 metres of coloured LED lights. You ring a doorbell, there is a waterfall and an oyster shucking station as you walk in," he says. 

Breaded camembert, raspberry, radish and nectarine.
Breaded camembert, raspberry, radish and nectarine. Photo: Supplied

Expect different shades of white. White marbletops, lots of white pearl and white epoxy floors Moniz Da Silva says "you can see your face in". He's even thought about keeping them clean: "They'll be buffed fortnightly."

The $4.1 million design spend aimed high, with inspiration coming from the caved landscape of the Dordogne Valley. The 340-seat venue is inspired by its owners' travels through France.

While French food is a little off-trend in Sydney, Moniz Da Silva believes the time is right to school an adventurous younger generation in its merits.

Diners will be met with a waterfall at the entrance.
Diners will be met with a waterfall at the entrance. Photo: Supplied

In the more formal upstairs part of the venue, the opening menu will traverse escargot, wagyu tartare and duck a l'orange.

It's more casual downstairs, with a firepit that fits 45 around it.

Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm and 5pm-midnight; Sat 5pm-midnight from next week. 

The venue will stay open until 3am in coming weeks. 

304 Kent Street, Sydney, meujardim.com.au