Wayside Chapel opens Heart Cafe in Bondi

Heart Cafe is a new social enterprise in Bondi.
Heart Cafe is a new social enterprise in Bondi. 

Bondi needs another cafe like it needs another soap opera actor resident. But there's always room for a new arrival with some soul.

Heart Cafe opens its doors on Roscoe Street on November 15, a clever tie-in with the Wayside Chapel's Wingspan Project.

The social enterprise venue will give disadvantaged youth 12-month paid hospitality traineeships, hopefully creating a production line of budding cafe owners and staff.

Coffee from Bondi's Heart Cafe.
Coffee from Bondi's Heart Cafe. 

Chef Antonio Saco will run the kitchen, with Bondi local and industry veteran Mo Rosa joining as Heart Cafe's manager.

Jon Owen, the pastor and chief executive at Wayside Chapel says, "Heart Cafe is one of a kind and goes beyond quality coffee, healthy food and good service – it returns hope to the lives of unemployed young people by supporting them into paid hospitality traineeships and breaking the cycle of unemployment.

"Our aim is to create community and an opportunity for locals to give back."

Heart Cafe has some appetising pedigree on and off the plate. Grant Cheyne, who has worked with Neil Perry on some of his restaurant interiors, designed the space.

It will serve Gypsy Espresso, La Boqueria charcuterie, Bread and Butter project sourdough and Pepe Saya butter.

Open daily 7am-4pm.

Heart Cafe, 95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach, heartcafe.com.au