Kusina: Best Canberra restaurants 2015

Natasha Rudra
Whole baby snapper with mango salsa.
Whole baby snapper with mango salsa. Photo: Jay Cronan

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Kusina's all about getting up close and personal with your food - from the chicken wings with banana ketchup to the sizzling sisig, a dish of thrice cooked pork on a hotplate with an egg scrambled into the meat at the table.

This is possibly Canberra's only Filipino eatery and it's delightfully homey, in a corner of the Cooleman Court shopping centre in Weston. It's a simple spot, a communal table up front and a modern chocolate and black decor job throughout. Desserts are technicolour - bright purple layered yam cake, or a rather decadent creation that seems to be made out of pure butter.  

And we love the traditional boodle feasts, where mountains of food - mounds of rice, chillied crab, barbecued pork - are spread out on the table on layers of banana leaves and you dig in with your bare hands.

They're a popular and fun group dinner but a word of warning - skip lunch and maybe even breakfast before you attempt the mount of food. Kusina is a sign that Canberra's ready to embrace different and perhaps less familiar cuisines and that's something we can only encourage. 

Cooleman Court, Weston Creek, 6288 8461, kusina.com.au