Muse: Best Canberra restaurants 2015

Natasha Rudra
House-made ricotta and black garlic with prawns.
House-made ricotta and black garlic with prawns. Photo: Elesa Kurtz

As we pointed out in our review just a few weeks ago, Muse fills a number of roles – a laid-back brunch cafe, a wine bar and a literary salon. That's why it's become one of our favourites for the year. Where else could you go for a bottle of wine, some dinner and a conversation with Michelle Grattan?

Paul Eldon and Dan Sanderson have put together a light-filled bookshop and a casual dining room with a piano and a big communal table. A bowl of breakfast brown rice with a fried egg and vegetables offers a virtuous hit on a Sunday morning after a night out on the town. Or dip a spoon into the cheesy souffle with bay leaf cream. There's also a French breakfast - a pastry, some cheese, baguette and a bit of coffee. 

Muse Photo: Elesa Kurtz

It's just as good for dinner. Shared plates include creamy wedges of roasted pumpkin with chevre, perfectly cooked with that sweet and salty hit that comes from good ingredients rather than tons of seasoning. Grilled  locally made haloumi with olive oil is another moreish platter, sliced thin and tender rather than squeaky. 

Wines are fully Australian with an eclectic touch and a sprinkling of Canberra vintages such as Eden Road and Surveyor's Hill, and there are plans for wine tastings and events. It's the feel of the place, that mix of literary and conversational, light and laidback, that's made it a favourite in such a short space of time.

69 Canberra Avenue, Kingston, 6178 0024,