ACME restaurant to permanently close in June

The baloney sandwich at one-hatted ACME.
The baloney sandwich at one-hatted ACME.  Photo: Nikki To

ACME will serve its last pig's head macaroni at the end of June.

Restaurant owners Mitch Orr and Cam Fairbairn announced today that their one-hatted Italo-noodle eatery will permanently shutter Rushcutters Bay doors in late June. An exact date is yet to be confirmed.

"It's been nearly five years since we signed the lease on the place, and we just decided it was time to move on to different things," said Fairbairn, recipient of The Good Food Guide Citi Service Excellence Award in 2015.

ACME head chef and co-owner Mitch Orr outside the Rushcutters Bay restaurant.
ACME head chef and co-owner Mitch Orr outside the Rushcutters Bay restaurant. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Fairbairn said the pair have no set plans yet other than to "relax a bit" after helming a restaurant in a part of the Sydney directly affected by the lock-out laws.

"We've experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows since opening ACME" he said. "Now we're ready for the next chapter - I'm happy to take a call from anyone with ideas for new opportunities!"

"I'm so thankful to every single person who has dined with us and shown so much love to an unconventional way of eating, said Orr. "It's been real and I'm feeling excited for the future."

ACME co-owner Cam Fairbairn.
ACME co-owner Cam Fairbairn. Photo: Christopher Pearce

ACME's pig's head macaroni with egg yolk and two-bite sized baloney sandwich have remained menu constants on an ever-changing carte. Orr, who received the 2010 Good Food Guide Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year Award, has featured more than 450 unique dishes on the ACME menu with no repeats.   

For ACME's final weeks, Fairbairn and Orr will offer a special menu of classics and staff favourites from the last five years. "I've nominated the carpaccio halal snack pack and fusilli with spanner crab and 'typhoon shelter'," said Fairbairn.