Adriano Zumbo's ultimate Tim Tam

Annabel Smith
Adriano Zumbo has devised three new Tim Tam flavours.
Adriano Zumbo has devised three new Tim Tam flavours. Photo: Andrew Henshaw

Imagine a chocolate biscuit layered with popping candy, gooey caramel, fruity compote, crunchy biscuit and squidgy cake.

That's celebrity pastry chef Adriano Zumbo's idea of the ultimate Tim Tam.

"It would have to be something that blows your mind," Zumbo says.

Known for his outlandish creations and inventive flavour combos, the pastry chef has created three new varieties for the biscuits' 50th anniversary. Zumbo has reined in his creativity a little for the range set to appear on supermarket shelves. His three new flavours include an on-trend salted caramel; a tangy raspberry and white chocolate; and a chocolate brownie-inspired version.

At today's taste test session in Melbourne, the salted caramel was a clear crowd favourite.

Salted caramel-lover Anthea Walsh was impressed.

"It's really good. It's definitely salted caramel too, it's got that little bit of saltiness about it," Walsh says.

But would it work in a Tim Tam Slam? Zumbo has tried the salted caramel and is planning on attempting a triple slam.

"I want to try and do all three flavours," Zumbo says.

Tim Tam biscuits were invented by Arnott's food technician Ian Norris and the recipe took six years to perfect. The treats are named after the horse that won the 1958 Kentucky Derby.