Allen's brings back green frog lollies

Ribbit: Green frogs are back.
Ribbit: Green frogs are back. Photo: Supplied

The green frog has been saved from the brink of extinction. Not the pond-dwelling, tree-climbing kind; the chewy lime-flavoured variety has been given a reprieve.

Sales had been steadily declining when Allen's quietly killed off its confected amphibian three years ago. But when word finally got around, customers were not amused.

"[The uproar] really did take us by surprise," says Nestle's head of corporate and external relations, Margaret Stuart. "People didn't realise they loved [the frog] until it had gone."

The lolly line made a cameo appearance at the company's Sydney pop-up on Pitt Street last year, with the entire 650-kilogram haul selling out in three days.

Now it's back for the long haul, this time with a family of flavours. Each "frog family" pack includes traditional red raspberry and green frogs alongside new orange and yellow/pineapple flavours.

Any word on a comeback by the rarely sighted spearmint leaf then? "No plans right now, but I'd never say never," Stuart says.

The 170-gram frog family packs go on sale on Wednesday for $2.99 in supermarkets and convenience shops.