Attica x The Avalanches is the lockdown party Melbourne needs

The Avalanches (pictured) and Attica are throwing a party for Melbourne.
The Avalanches (pictured) and Attica are throwing a party for Melbourne. Photo: Supplied Attica

If lockdown has its teeth into your very soul, you are not alone. The entire city needs a pick-me-up and Attica, in collaboration with local musical legends the Avalanches and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival have the answer: a big, free party.

On Saturday, September 12, the Avalanches' Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi will be live streaming a set into your living room, supported by DJ Soju Gang.

For his part, Attica chef Ben Shewry will be releasing a series of party tip videos including recipes for the greatest get-down foods of all time: cheese and pineapple hedgehogs; "better than sausage, sausage rolls"; and "hectic" prawn cocktails.

Ben Shewry's 'Better than sausage, sausage rolls'.
Ben Shewry's 'Better than sausage, sausage rolls'. Photo: Supplied Attica

According to Shewry, one of Australia's most respected fine dining chefs, "nothing truly shows a person's party food chops like a cheese and pineapple hedgehog. The wackier the better, so lean into your inner 1970s vibe."

While the tone is light, the motivation from all parties involved stems from a desire to help Melburnians stay strong in lockdown. Di Blasi and Chater say, "we have watched people struggle desperately with mental health, losing businesses and so much more. This is a love letter and a thank you to this city that has supported us for so long."

The event is free, simply register via Shewry's videos will also be housed on the site and released a week ahead of go time.