Bar Saracen's chef Tom Sarafian is selling hummus for Beirut

Tom Sarafian is making hummus for Beirut
Tom Sarafian is making hummus for Beirut Photo: Bar Saracen supplied

Chef Tom Sarafian of Bar Saracen arguably makes Melbourne's best hummus. It's always worth having, but more so this week than ever.

Sarafian is taking orders of tubs to raise money for Red Cross Lebanon to help aid those affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut.

Tubs will be $20 with sumac pita chips. Sarafian hopes to raise $10,000. He says: "I honestly wouldn't have learnt to make this hummus (or a lot of my dishes) if it wasn't for my trips to Beirut, and the hospitality and generosity of its people."

The order cut off is this Friday, to be delivered, within 10km of the CBD, the following Sunday and Monday.

You can also pick up tubs from the likes of Baker Bleu, All Are Welcome, Meatsmith, Falco and the Lincoln Hotel. See the site for all locations. 

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