Behold Donut King's new mince pie doughnut mash-up

Callan Boys
Donut King's festive doughnuts.
Donut King's festive doughnuts. Photo: Supplied

For many years the turducken has held the mantle of ultimate festive frankenfood: a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. However, in 2015 a new contender emerges.

Behold the mince pie doughnut.

Kudos to the wise men and women at Donut King who put this Christmas mash-up on the market. It's nothing more than spicy fruit mince encased in a fluffy white doughnut – a formula so simple it's surprising (that to the best of my research) it hasn't been sold at a national level in Australia before.

The Donut King "moughnut" (my word, not theirs) comes in two guises ($4 each); a plain-ish version dusted with sugar, and a berry-flavoured, fondant-topped variety that might be one of the sweetest things I've ever tasted.

Best stick to the plain version which is far less cloying and just a bit of silly festive fun. The filling isn't bad either, and is similar to the fruit mince found in a supermarket pie. Unlike fruit mince pies, I doubt I could eat more than one mince doughnut without spiralling into a sugar-induced coma.

Donut King has also released a standard doughnut topped with fondant and crushed candy cane if you're after a Yuletide treat but fruit mince isn't your thing.   

Note that the doughnut is not the first non-pie item to be flavoured with fruit mince. Recent culinary history has seen mince pie potato crisps and cookies at Tesco supermarkets in the UK, mince pie flavoured vodka and even mince pie macarons. Although I draw the line at the mince pie toastie offered by one English cafe.

The three Christmas-themed doughnuts are now available at Donut King outlets around the country for a limited time.