Ben O'Donoghue to open second Billykart venue in Brisbane's West End

Ben O'Donoghue outside Billykart Kitchen in Annerley.
Ben O'Donoghue outside Billykart Kitchen in Annerley. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

Celebrity chef Ben O'Donoghue is opening a second Billykart venue in Brisbane.

O'Donoghue, who first appeared on our TV screens with Curtis Stone in the 90s, is the owner of the popular Billykart Kitchen in Annerley. 

Billykart Kitchen's sister venue, Billykart West End, will include a restaurant, deli and a bottleshop.

"I'm pretty excited. I get to do the things I originally planned for Billykart [Kitchen] but couldn't because of the restrictions of the building and other things," O'Donoghue says.

"I'll be extrapolating some of the favourite dishes from Billykart, but the menu will be bigger and wider while still being moderately priced and seasonal, and we'll make almost everything in-house. In the deli we'll sell all our own products; pastries, jam, sauces, bread."

Unlike Billykart Kitchen cafe, which opens for dinner on Fridays only, the second Billykart will open for dinner seven nights a week. O'Donoghue says they'll also be taking on the West End breakfast and lunch trade. 

"I love West End, but I reckon there's room for something in the middle-to-top-tier for lunch and dinner, and also to take on and deliver a better product for breakfast."

O'Donoghue is keeping mum about the exact location of Billykart West End, but an August opening is on the cards.