Bunny cafe set to hop into Melbourne

The proposed bunny cafe could open in Fitzroy.
The proposed bunny cafe could open in Fitzroy.  Photo: iStockphoto

Following in the paw steps of Melbourne's cat cafe, a bunny-themed eatery could soon be hopping into the city. 

Couple Helen Hu and David Johnson are crowdfunding to open a vegetarian cafe with eye-level glass rabbit enclosures in the inner north, preferably Fitzroy, by the end of the year.  

The couple are working with Run-Away Rabbit Orphanage in Olinda to use rabbits in need of re-homing. 

"Talking to the orphanage, they do need more help to raise awareness for rabbit welfare," she said.

"It's a bit too far for most people to get, so with more of a cafe environment and closer to the city, more people will be able to know them and get to see them and hopefully that will promote adoption and welfare."

Ms Hu, who has two adopted pet rabbits, Milk Candy and Trouble, said they were inspired by the cat cafe, but in this case the animals would not be touched.

"They can see the bunnies, but it's not like free roaming bunnies that they can pick up or interact with in that way," she said.

However, they are looking to have sessions where customers can spend time in the enclosures supervised. 

Judi Inglis, who runs the orphanage and will provide advice in the cafe's set up, said the idea was terrific. 


"What is exciting is getting the information about rabbit welfare and the care rabbits need as a pet," she said.

"We trust them 100 per cent, they are very proactive about rabbit welfare." 

Ms Hu said rabbits were often misunderstood, seen as pests or as toys.

"People still buy bunnies as Easter presents for children," she said.

"They do need a lot of commitment, they are not as low maintenance as people think. They are not just cute." 

The couple have already raised more than half of their aim of $20,000.