Burger buns to get a makeover at 'Bun'bar

Gojima pioneered rice burger buns, a trend 'Bun'bar will expand on.
Gojima pioneered rice burger buns, a trend 'Bun'bar will expand on. Photo: Supplied

Once the pin-up dish for fast-food culture, burgers are now on the vanguard of healthy eating, with takeaway menus across the country littered with plant-based patties.

With the health makeover of burger contents under way, the next generation of burger houses is now putting burger outers under the microscope as well.

In a Sydney food lab the falafel burger bun has been under development for months.

Its creator binned 20 prototypes before settling on a winner, and plans to build a chain around healthier bun burgers.

When 'Bun'bar opens in November, near Fishbowl on Manly's Darley Road, it will encase its burgers in falafel buns, steamed bao buns and lettuce. It will also offer a rice bun, a concept pioneered by sushi burger outlet Gojima.

"We'll grill the buns, not deep-fry them," says 'Bun'bar owner Gary Linz.

His research has shown a shift in the market: "People want healthier but they don't want to compromise on taste."

Linz has some runs on the burger board. As the business developer behind Oporto chicken, he sold it when it was on the road to becoming a ubiquitous chain.