Pioneering Cornersmith cafe closes Marrickville shop

A Cornersmith plate with mackerel, gherkins, boiled egg and bread.
A Cornersmith plate with mackerel, gherkins, boiled egg and bread. Photo: James Brickwood

The pioneering Marrickville cafe that raised the bar for all Sydney cafes has closed.

Cornersmith, a cafe with a spin-off picklery, inspired cooking classes and its own cookbooks.

Cornersmith founders Alex Elliott-Howery and James Grant announced it on social media, saying the decision to close the award-winning cafe hadn't been taken lightly.

Cornersmith's Alex Elliott-Howery.
Cornersmith's Alex Elliott-Howery. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

"We opened that little shop in 2012, when we had two little kids and a little idea to have our own cafe," the statement said. 

"We had no idea Cornersmith would grow into the beautiful beast it has become.

"Everything that Cornersmith continues to be, started there. Our pickling, our produce trading, our community work, our first cookbook and of course the incredible amount of local support. We want to thank everyone who drank coffee, had a meal, bought a jar of pickles or dropped off a bag of cumquats.

"For now, we are not sure what the next plan is, running a small business and raising a family is hard work and we are looking forward to a little less stress next year."

Fortunately for Cornersmith fans, its Annandale cafe spin-off remains open and pickles and cooking classes are still available up the road at the Picklery.