Create your own Kit Kat flavour at Sydney pop-up studio

New flavour: 'Caramelised Anna' with milk chocolate, caramel popcorn, cocoa nibs and sea salt.
New flavour: 'Caramelised Anna' with milk chocolate, caramel popcorn, cocoa nibs and sea salt. Photo: Anna Kucera

Kit Kat aficionados, you're in for a treat.

Kit Kat is launching a pop-up studio to celebrate its 80th anniversary, where you can create your own Kit Kat flavour and get a taste of the new Kit Kat special editions.

To help celebrate the milestone, the "punk princess of pastry" and executive pastry chef at Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel, Anna Polyviou, has designed new desserts that members of the public can help customise. 

"With me and my team we bring fun and innovation to anything sweet, and it's so much fun, and the set-up of the studio itself is so stupid cool," Polyviou says.

She has even designed her own Kit Kat edition, "caramelised Anna", which includes candy popcorn, sea salt and caramelised cocoa nibs.

"We added a bit of personality and fun to it," she says. "On the back it's got [a] yellow graffiti splash ...  We want people to see the personality from top, middle and back and the different wild factors."

Some of the ingredient options.
Some of the ingredient options. Photo: Supplied

Polyviou will make a guest appearance at the studio on Thursday, August 6 from 6-9pm, where she will "give people a behind-the-scenes look".

Don't take Kit Kat-making lightly, though. Even the pastry master acknowledges the difficulty of putting together the perfect confectionery.

"It's a bit difficult – how to incorporate the flavours and all that, and I think once you get the hang of it it's quite good, it's quite interesting to see the wafer working with the chocolate."

Polyviou has been testing an array of ingredients, from nuts to fruits and other Australian produce with milk, white and dark chocolate, to see what will work best.


"I found that dark chocolate with all the different nuts worked really well together," she says.

Polyviou's award-winning carrot cake, recently featured on MasterChef Australia, will also make a guest appearance.

In addition to creating your own, Kit Kat special editions will also be available to buy from the studio, including:

  • Crunchy and chewy salted caramel with toasted Queensland macadamias
  • Crisp espresso cookie and golden honeycomb
  • Passionfruit, mango and kiwifruit pavlova
  • Reimagined traditional Australian lamington

Kit Kat Studio, level 2 (outside GAP), Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall entrance, open from August 4-30, Mon-Sat 9.30am-6.30pm, Sunday 10am-6pm