'Curry sauces are fine with pasta': celebrities tweet controversial food opinions

Curry sauces are fine with pasta, according to one Twitter user.
Curry sauces are fine with pasta, according to one Twitter user. Photo: Supplied

According to Chris Pratt, meals were invented by the food industry and "man can live on sunlight alone". Patricia Arquette reckons that "nothing's worse than candy corn" and the Governor of California says "blue cheese is just moldy cheese and should never be consumed under any circumstances".

These are some of the replies to a tweet by American baseball enthusiast Jon Baker asking Twitter users for controversial food opinions. 

The original tweet has blown past one million views since it was posted on November 20, with more than 30,000 replies such as "walnuts taste like under the house", "coriander is a noxious weed" and "people who order mochas are just too embarrassed to order a hot chocolate". (That last one is probably fair.)

Celebrities including comedian Patton Oswalt and Australia's own Adam Liaw have also chimed in with hot food takes.

 Patricia Arquette has opinions on capsicums, too.


Meanwhile, a separate Internet storm has gathered around academic Tom Nichols regarding his comment that "Indian food is terrible".    

The hashtag "#MyFavouriteIndianFood" was trending on Sunday in response to Nichols' ridiculous statement.

I have my own controversial opinions for submission, including, but not limited to:

Cheddar is the best Arnott's Shape.

Turkish Delight is the best Cadbury Rose.

Ice-cream is overrated. 

All pub parmas should be fired into the sun.  

Brunch: no thanks.

Potato cake is a better name than potato scallop. (Living in NSW, this was difficult to admit, but yeah. It does make more sense. You win this round, Victoria.)