Doughnut ice-cream cones are the new dessert craze

Doughnut ice-cream cones are the new dessert trend.
Doughnut ice-cream cones are the new dessert trend. Photo: Instagram/

We've had cronuts, Toblorange (yes, a Toblerone cross-bred with a chocolate orange) and now doughnut ice-cream cones are the new trend sending people's sugar levels (and Instagram feeds) into a frenzy.

The Good Food cafe and bakery in Prague has taken chimney cakes (also known as funnel doughnuts) and turned them into an excellent delivery system for soft serve.

There are dessert fiends that have made the pilgrimage to this store specifically to hold, snap and savour these cinnamon-crusted desserts, but if you're not quite committed to a trip to the Czech Republic, you could attempt your own DIY version in Australia.

In Melbourne, Adriano Zumbo's Italian cafe Little Frankie's has cone-shaped custard pastries that you could consider topping up with flavours from nearby Fancy Nance's soft-serve machine. South Yarra's Tivoli Road Bakery is reviving its soft-serve-filled doughnuts for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival this week, too. 

In Sydney, you could stock up on chimney cakes from Kurtosh bakery in Surry Hills and walk down the street and load up on all your favourite Gelato Messina sorbets and gelato and create your own doughnut cones at home (no Prague side trip needed).