Eataly's taste for Sydney

Buy, taste, learn: Eataly in New York City.
Buy, taste, learn: Eataly in New York City. Photo: Getty Images

Is Sydney the next stop for Eataly, one of the hottest food concepts on the planet? The Italian food megastore opened in Turin in 2007, then crossed the Atlantic to open in New York City in 2010.

Short Black hears representatives for Eataly have toured potential Sydney locations in recent weeks, including sites at Martin Place and Green Square.

Pursuing a message of buy, taste and learn, Eataly takes the bustling Italian town square and European markets as its cue, mixing grocery store with tasting rooms. American celebrity chef Mario Batali eyed the Eataly potential early, teaming up with its founder, Oscar Farinetti, to open the New York outlet.

Sydney isn't without similar retailers, Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria touches on some of the same themes, and Eataly is cited as inspiration for a new venue opening at Victoria Road, Gladesville.