Edible cookie dough delivered to your door

Cones from Sydney's Joe Dough Diner.
Cones from Sydney's Joe Dough Diner. Photo: Supplied

Ever made a batch of cookies and somehow scarfed half the dough while you were making it?

Now three companies are holding their wooden spoons aloft with pride and bringing that guilty pleasure to the Australian masses in the form of edible cookie dough.

A salted caramel number from Cookie Dough Dream.
A salted caramel number from Cookie Dough Dream. Photo: Supplied

The concept might set some people's salmonella alarms wailing, but these doughs are made with heat-treated ingredients and lab-tested for safety.

Melbourne siblings Alex and Jessica Reece noticed the popularity of edible cookie dough while travelling through the US recently. The trend struck a chord with the pair so, after returning to Australia, they floated the idea of creating their own version past their older brother Chris, and Cookie Doh Co was born.

The product (now available online but set to pop up at selected markets in spring) is handmade using Australian ingredients (except for Callebaut chocolate).

A creation from Joe Dough Diner.
A creation from Joe Dough Diner. Photo: Supplied

For now, flavours include choc chip, triple choc and apple cinnamon ($8.99 for a 250-gram tub, $10 flat shipping Australia wide), and they're looking to introduce new flavours and gluten-free options into the range. 

In Sydney, Darlinghurst's Joe Dough diner offers scoops of cookie dough as part of their dessert menu, or in a takeaway cup or cone ($5).

US-born owner Dan McGuirt makes it fresh every day, in flavours such as choc-chip, "birthday cake" and Oreo cookies and cream.


You can even double-down and get a scoop of dough on top of one of the house-baked doughnuts.

Matt Fasel of Cookie Dough Dream was also inspired by the US concept: "I saw people queuing up for an hour outside a cookie dough shop in New York and I just thought it was a great idea. Melbourne is adventurous and I thought Melbourne needed cookie dough." 

After experimenting with different methods, he settled on his recipe, which includes flavours such as salted caramel, Snickers and chocolate mint (with a "create your own" offering in the wings), which are all made in his council-certified home kitchen.

Scoops from Cookie Doh Co.
Scoops from Cookie Doh Co. Photo: Supplied

Tubs ($8.99, plus delivery from $5) are delivered to the Melbourne metropolitan area, with two delivery cycles a day. 

This week's pop-up shop at QV also offers a taste of the trend, or keep an eye on cafe menus over coming months.