First look at the Noma Australia menu

Callan Boys
Snow crab will likely be an ingredient in Redzepi's Sydney kitchen mix.
Snow crab will likely be an ingredient in Redzepi's Sydney kitchen mix.  Photo: Edwina Pickles

It wouldn't be Australia Day without lamingtons, pies and schnitzels and Noma is serving them like you've never seen before. Meat pie and sauce? Try scallop pie with lantana flowers. Chicken schnitzel and chips? Noma prefers to plate crumbed abalone with a side of sea lettuce.

Noma in Copenhagen is the four-time winner of The World's 50 Best Restaurants award. Today's national holiday marks the first service of its 10-week waterside residence at Barangaroo in Sydney.

Exactly which dishes would feature on the menu have been shrouded in secrecy - partly because what's on the plate depended on the produce the kitchen could source in time for the opening (only Australian ingredients will be used) and partly because Noma chef Rene Redzepi wanted to surprise his guests.

Not that menu secrecy stopped punters snapping up tickets to the $485 per person pop-up in under four minutes.

Now the doors are open and diners are sitting down to a 12-course lunch, the wonders of social media show us what the Noma crew is serving in Sydney.

Here's Rene Redzepi rocking an Australia Day apron. 


Happy Australia Day! Do you like the uniform that we bought especially for René Redzepi @reneredzepinoma today? Noma Australia opens today and we proudly announce that 22 Aussie Craft Spirits on our portfolio are represented in the two-Michelin Star restaurant along with our friends at Overeem Distillery with their awesome Whisky. Boy oh boy we are all so excited to be part of this project and we are extremely humbled to work with such awesome distillers and the wonderful Noma team. Congratulations to; Peter Bignell at @belgrovewhisky, William McHenry at @mchenry_distillery, Mel & Craig at @lochbrewery, Adam & Julian at @adamsribwines, Brian & Genise at @blackgatedistillery, Ian Glen at @stonepinedistil, Richard and the team at @younghenrys, Spike at @thehoochery And our friends… Jane and Casey at @janeovereemwhisky. Thank you Mike Bennie @mikerism101 and Mads Kleppe @madskleppe you guys are bloody amazing, thank you for your support and believing in our distillers. #NomaAustralia #AustraliaDay #SupportAustralianCraftDistillers #NomaCopengagen

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Newtown-based beer brewer Young Henrys scores an inclusion, thanks to its 100 per cent wheat vodka. Noma sommelier Mads Kleppe has worked with many Australian brewers, distillers and organic winemakers to compile the beverage program.


Here are the first dishes being carried out and a look at the dining room designed by Foolscap Studio.


#nomaaustralia #australiaday #excited #barrangaroo

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Berries are up! Namely, native savoury berries with seaweed broth and Kakadu plum dust. The Kakadu plum is also known as "gubinge" and grows in the subtropical regions of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


Savoury berries, seaweed broth, Kakadu plum dust #nomasydney

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Wattle porridge on the pass: wattleseed porridge wrapped inside saltbush leaves.


Wattleseed porridge in saltbush leaves - like dolma des says @jannikyritsis #australiaday @reneredzepinoma #nomaaustralia

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Crocodile rocks: assorted shells topped with chicken and crocodile fat shards. 


Seafood #nomaaustralia

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"The best crab ever": Albany snow crab with egg yolk cured in fermented kangaroo. Matched with Rizza riesling from Brian winery in Tasmania.

Because you have to eat a pie on Australia Day. Noma's version: scallop pie and lantana flowers matched with a quandong liqueur from Black Gate Distillery in the NSW central west.  


Scallop pie and lantana flowers #nomasydney

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Is the sun-dried tomato back? New season sun-dried tomatoes were served with sea urchin and pepperberries.


#nomaaustralia this dish: sea urchin, sun died tomatoes with pepper berries

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Also on the menu: abalone schnitzel with assorted sea lettuce, nuts and rushes. Redzepi says Australian abalone is some of the best he has ever tasted.


Abalone and Wild food #nomaaustralia

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Mango, watermelon and pineapple. An Aussie fruit trio for petits fours. 


#petitesfours #yum #australiaday #nomaaustralia #watermelon #mango #pineapple

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Not your Country Women's Association lamington: aerated rum cake with dried milk and native tamarind.


#lamingtons aerated rum cake w dried milk and native tamarind #nomaaustralia #australiaday #blessed blessed

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And how does such a meal end? With something that definitely beats a Paddle Pop - Noma serves up raw peanut milk ice-cream, finished with a caramel and freekeh glaze and spiked on a lemon-myrtle stick.