'Freakshake' freakshow comes to Melbourne

Johnny Pump's Nutella and chocolate brownie dessert shake.
Johnny Pump's Nutella and chocolate brownie dessert shake. Photo: Ellen Seah

Melburnians, if you've been feeling envious of Canberra's famed 'freakshakes', you're in luck. Essendon cafe Johnny Pump has jumped on the monster milkshake bandwagon, pumping out its own diabetes-inducing, Instagram-worthy shakes.

Owner Peter Galt says he was inspired by "trendsetters" Cafe Patissez, but says the flavours and construction of his dessert shakes are completely different.

The cafe's four "dessert shakes" ($7 each) include Nutella and choc fudge brownie; Blue Heaven and lemon tart; caramel popcorn and Oreo; and strawberry and banana bread. Given Melbourne's recent Nutella doughnut craze, you can probably guess which dessert shake has been selling best.

The cafe's lemon-tart-topped Blue Heaven milkshake.
The cafe's lemon-tart-topped Blue Heaven milkshake. Photo: Ellen Seah

"We sold out of the brownies we use for our Nutella shakes last Sunday," Galt says. "People love Nutella."

Johnny Pump is making up to 60 dessert milkshakes a day.

Do they pass the taste test? Galt's Nutella shake is surprisingly well balanced, with a solid spoonful of Nutella, frothy chocolate milk and a warm, meltingly soft brownie to (literally) top it off.  

Gluten-intolerant patrons won't have to suffer food-envy, with a gluten-free lamington and choc chip shake coming soon.

A former chef at luxury London hotels The Ritz and The Savoy, Galt bakes all the pastry garnishes for his shakes and the syrups, aside from the Blue Heaven, are made in-house.

Shake specials, such as white chocolate and berry cheesecake, are also available.


Galt plans to add an express lane for takeaway dessert shakes in summer.

Essendon locals Taylah Galati (18) and Cassandra Alexiou (18) were initially sceptical about Johnny Pump's dessert shakes.

"We've never been to Johnny Pump before, but we came specifically for the shakes," Alexiou says. "We'll definitely be back to try more flavours," Galati adds.

Johnny Pump is at 87 Fletcher Street, Essendon.