From the ramen burger to the cronut: food pairing hits and misses

Alex Rowe

We've all been there. When the view inside the refrigerator is so uninspiring we partner foods that, quite rightly, should never be partnered again.

They are the decisions we make and instantly regret, too indulgent to talk about, but so shameful they live with you for a week.

Some attempts work, matches made in food heaven. They become staples, regulars, cult classics. Vegemite and cheese, salt and caramel - such common food pairings they roll off the tongue. Others fall within the annals of food failure, never to be spoken of again.

The food industry has notched up quite a few 'Frankenfood' hits and misses of late. Just check out this photo gallery. The cronut, the mystical marriage of croissant and doughnut: a hit, if the queues at Dominique Ansel's New York bakery are anything to go by (not to mention the imitators). 

What about the ramen burger, taco waffle and stuffed bagel hole - hungry yet? The jury is out on those but they're certainly making headlines overseas. Where do you stand on the dessert surf and turf? A soft serve ice cream with fudge, caramel and, wait for it, a rasher of bacon. Perhaps cauliflower gelato tickles your fancy? Just don't forget the whipped saffron cream!

What are some of the food-pairing success stories (and failures) you've tried at home? Don't be shy, there's no shame in trying.

-Alex Rowe