Gazebo relaunches under former MAD chef's watch

Pate from Gazebo Wine Bar & Dining.
Pate from Gazebo Wine Bar & Dining. 

Keystone Group is rumoured to have splashed more than $3 million on an interior upgrade of its Elizabeth Bay Gazebo venue before it was placed in the hands of receivers in 2016.

Restaurateur Liz Taylor snapped up Gazebo as part of the massive Keystone asset sell-off last year, going back to the drawing board with a lush redesign that has kept little of the previous design.

She has also teamed up with seasoned chef Tristian Hope, who has joined the just relaunched Gazebo Wine Bar & Dining.

The former head chef at Hugos bagged a number of hats before joining MAD Pizza, departing in March.

"Dropping Gazebo from the name was briefly toyed with, but it's really well know around the area."

The design looks smart, and Hope's menu includes a roast shallot tart, spaghetti with meatballs, rigatoni with Yamba prawn meat and "sticky" garlic bread and pate.

After years at the oven face at MAD, the chef sounds almost relieved to announce Gazebo has a pizza-less menu.