Gelato Messina to open in Parramatta

Callan Boys
Heading to Parramatta ... Gelato Messina.
Heading to Parramatta ... Gelato Messina. Photo: Eddie Jim

Gelato Messina devotees in Sydney's western suburbs take note: a new outlet is set to open in Parramatta.

Church Street will be home to the sixth store, due to open its doors on Friday June 6.

“We’ve been wanting to do something in the west for a long time,” said Gelato Messina owner Delcan Lee. “It was just a matter of waiting for the right site to become available”.

The site in question is on the corner of Church and Phillip Street. It will be headed by original Messina partner and western Sydney local, Ray Abbas who has returned to the Gelato Messina fold after a number of years.

“I remember walking down Church Street with Nick and Danny Palumbo [Messina co-founders] back in 2002,” said Abbas.

“They kept talking about how much they loved they place and wanted to open something in the area. And that was before the Darlinghurst store had even opened.”

The Parramatta store will offer Messina’s traditional '40 flavour cabinet’, Wonka-esque cakes and daily pun-heavy specials board. There will be an opening day special titled 'East Meets West' to celebrate the area’s multiculturalism. It's a base of labne and pistachio heavily threaded with fig and date jam.

Gelato Messina, 279 Church Street, Parramatta. Doors open at midday on Friday.