Gelato Messina's new Christmas 'cake' is here

Move over panettone and puddings ... Gelato Messina's 2015 Christmas 'cake' has arrived.
Move over panettone and puddings ... Gelato Messina's 2015 Christmas 'cake' has arrived. Photo: Supplied

It may be the best Christmas decoration invented. Ditch the tinsel, angels and stars, because Gelato Messina has created a bauble that you can eat.

The brand responsible for deep-frozen treats such as Biggie S'Mores, Robert Brownie Junior and Pablo Pistachio has now produced the Michael Baulblé (cue the laugh track here). 

This dessert won't croon you an ultra-smooth cover song, but it does secretly harbour burnt butter and gingerbread gelato, pear mousse and fruit mince florentine inside a gold-powder-dusted choc shell. Given that the bauble is 23cm wide and can feed 16 people, it's probably too big to hang off your tree, so save it for your freezer - although it won't be there for long, given how will-power-resistant this whole proposition is.

Gelato Messina's 2015 Christmas cake: the Michael Baulblé.
Gelato Messina's 2015 Christmas cake: the Michael Baulblé. Photo: Supplied

Gelato Messina has a tradition of making a Christmas cake every year, and Michael Baulblé follows on from 2014's Yule Like Our Log (a gingerbread gelato that was 'gift-wrapped' with ginger and chocolate mousse, pear and apple jelly, chestnut crunch, chocolate sponge and vanilla marshmallow).

This year's edible bauble is available via special order from Gelato Messina's website and can be picked up from select stores in NSW (Rosebery, Miranda and Parramatta), Victoria (Fitzroy) and Queensland (Coolangatta); it comes with a serving of vanilla brandy custard you'll need to warm up - plus some interesting instructions. 

First, you remove the bauble's hook and pour some of the heated brandy custard inside the ball. Break apart the chocolate shell (it's a great way to work out your holiday rage) and you'll discover the now-frozen custard has become a bonus coating around the gelato, mousse and florentine. Slice through the icy-cold layers (again, another holiday-rage-exorcising opportunity) then pick through the delicious debris field of the 'destroyed' dessert and add another drizzle of warm custard on top. 

Gelato Messina has been experimenting with different versions of the Christmas cake for the last three weeks. "This one was the winner out of a final two," says spokesperson Sian Bishop. "We're saving the other one for another occasion, as that one's pretty amazing!"

In the meantime, this limited-edition bauble goes on sale December 11 for $90. It's available for pick up from 12pm on December 21 through to 6pm on Christmas Eve - although good luck trying to keep your hands (or dessert spoons) off it before December 25 officially hits.