'Grilled Moroccan Aborigine and rocket salad': Hyatt Canberra hotel's lunch label gaffe

Natasha Rudra

The Hyatt Hotel in Canberra has apologised after a horror spellcheck error resulted in diners being offered a "Grilled Moroccan Aborigine and rocket salad" at lunch.

ABC journalist Liz Foschia noticed the dish on the buffet on Friday, August 7, and tweeted a picture of the offending label. 

But the hotel's international Twitter account compounded the problem by tweeting a cheery response to the photo, telling Foschia the salad was "definitely a unique menu option" and hoping she enjoyed the dish. Which was one way of putting it.

The Hyatt Concierge's tweet

Photo: Supplied

It's understood the label was the result of a spellcheck mistake - the dish was supposed to be an "aubergine and rocket" salad.

The Hyatt's lunch buffet dishes are changed every day and the label was removed as soon as it was noticed.

In a statement, the hotel apologised for any offence that had been caused.

"Hyatt Hotel Canberra is sincerely sorry that one of today's salads was mislabeled and we deeply apologise for any offence caused. Hyatt Hotels is a multi-cultural company and an equal opportunity employer," the statement read.