Hana Assafiri's Moroccan Deli-cacy to become Alisha's Cafe Collective

Hana Assafiri is moving on from her Moroccan Deli-cacy.
Hana Assafiri is moving on from her Moroccan Deli-cacy. Photo: Justin McManus

Activist and Moroccan Soup Bar boss Hana Assafiri is closing her spin-off deli and taginerie, Moroccan Deli-cacy. But it's more a case of paying it forward than shutting up shop.

"There's wisdom in stopping in your prime and giving someone else an opportunity," says Assafiri, who decided to consolidate her efforts at the Soup Bar and pass the torch to a fellow community activist. Husna Pasha will continue the vision of the community-focused Middle Eastern deli while putting her own stamp on it as Alisha's Cafe Collective.

The menu will remain vegetarian and vegan, offering three plates for lunch: a Middle of the East plate – a mix of Moroccan-ish dishes possibly including a fried chilli cake, spiced chickpeas, chutney and quinoa salad; The East of the Middle – more Indian in line with Pasha's background and involve curries and pakoras; and the Moroccan burger with sweet potato fries is an ode to Assafiri.

A portion of what you pay for each dish will be donated to a charity nominated by the community and presented at monthly events. Pasha, who has an entertainment background (she hosts a monthly talk show) wants to use the space to engage local artists and performers, while the rear taginerie will become a cooking workshop space.

Moroccan Deli-cacy will hold a farewell/welcome to Pasha on Sunday, April 15 at 3pm. Alisha's Cafe Collective opens Tuesday, May 1. 313 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, 03 9387 6805.