Hatted chef Brent Savage to open Ria Pizza + Wine in former Monopole site

Mozzarella and basil pizza will be on Brent Savage's menu.
Mozzarella and basil pizza will be on Brent Savage's menu. Photo: Tim Thatcher

With Monopole relocating to the city next month, the lingering question has been what its owners will do with its vacated Potts Point digs. Well, Macleay Street is about to welcome a new pizza joint and wine bar.

The pizzeria will be named Ria Pizza + Wine, which will open its doors in early November.

With hatted chef Brent Savage navigating the venture, the menu was never going to be boring. "We're working on a clam and ham pizza. We might do a bug and XO. But there'll also be plenty of classics," Savage says.

The chef admits to being pizza-obsessed and he's long tinkered with the "process" of pizza-making.

Pitching itself as an Australian pizza joint, Savage says Ria Pizza will borrow a little from northern Italy in style while leaning on crisp sourdough bases.

"You'll still be able to just pop in and use it as a wine bar as well," he adds.