Jazz City BBQ to serve Texas-style barbecue in Darlinghurst

Hot stuff: Dan McGirt's Jazz City BBQ opens soon.
Hot stuff: Dan McGirt's Jazz City BBQ opens soon. Photo: Michele Mossop

US chef Dan McGuirt maintains Australia has overdone cliched American fast food, so he plans a different approach with his new restaurant.

Jazz City BBQ, which opens next week, will be devoted to Texas-style barbecue.

"Fried chicken is fried chicken,'' says the chef with a glittering CV, including time at Melbourne fine-diner Vue de Monde. ''I want people to taste different food from my country – ribs that don't need sauce because the meat speaks for itself, Texas-style brisket and sausage."

Jazz City BBQ opens at 200 Goulburn Street, Darlinghurst. An extension of his Jazz City brand, which already has a milk bar in nearby Palmer Street, the barbecue restaurant idea has been on the slow burn for some time.

"I imported a commercial smoker five years ago. It has a special chamber in the back to put the wood for flavour. I grew up around a barbecue pit. If you're not helping, you're eating. I really want Australians to be able to try authentic American food. Next up I might open something cooking American vegan."