Just Open: Broth Bar & Larder, Bronte

Bone broth, Asian-style, at Bronte's new soup-based bar.
Bone broth, Asian-style, at Bronte's new soup-based bar. Photo: Supplied

You'll find bone broth in a mug, 'brothsicles', broth-infused smoothies and more at Broth Bar & Larder in Bronte - the first Sydney cafe devoted to (what else?) bone broth. 

Founder Soulla Chamberlain spent the last five years running Star Anise Organic Wholefoods from home before opening this shopfront and eatery. You'll find it in the Bronte location that used to house Iggy's Bread and Hank's Jam.

She was inspired by "a desire to create a small and inviting space where people can come in and enjoy homemade, nourishing, completely unprocessed food made to exactly the same standards that my children and I eat at home", says Chamberlain.

Chunky chicken and veggie soup
Chunky chicken and veggie soup Photo: Supplied

"So, it's essentially an extension of my kitchen."

The venue will act as a cafe, retailer, commercial kitchen and primary stockist of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods; the brand's products are prepared on site and justify the 'Larder' part of this Bronte venue's name.  

The Broth Bar takes on the cafe side of things.

Grab some take-home options from Broth Bar & Larder.
Grab some take-home options from Broth Bar & Larder. Photo: Supplied

You'll find a variety of soups including pumpkin ($13), chunky chicken and vegetable ($14.50), a restorative Asian broth bowl ($16.50), as well as activated buckwheat-based muesli, a provincial plate (showcasing chicken liver pate with fermented veggies and gruyere raw milk cheese) and an array of broth-infused smoothies and other health foods.

Hot broth is served by the cup ($3.50-$10.50) in fish, beef, chicken and vegetable flavours.

And if you're wondering how broth can be transformed into a dessert, try one of the brothsicles ($5). 


A summer feature on the menu, they're popsicles with a dash of bone broth, available in raw cacao, kombucha and mango versions.     

Keen to stock up on Broth Bar & Larder's stock in trade? Pick from the many takeaway and pre-packaged options.

"I wanted to have a place where I would like to go myself, where people can feel 100 per cent confident of the source and processing of the food that they're eating," Chamberlain says. "So it's basically sharing my passion for simple pleasures and conscious consumption." 

Open daily 8am-6pm.

Raw cacao 'brothsicles'.
Raw cacao 'brothsicles'. Photo: Supplied

49 Belgrave Street, Bronte, 0407 871 884, staraniseorganic.com/broth-bar-larder