Just Open: Mary's opens burger joint in Sydney's CBD

Callan Boys
Mary's CBD is open for business.
Mary's CBD is open for business. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Sydney's burger bonanza continues. Only weeks after Neil Perry's Burger Project opened in World Square, the team behind Mary's Newtown has gifted the CBD another killer burger joint, this time on Castlereagh Street, not far from David Jones.

There's no liquor licence at Mary's CBD so don't be expecting long nights on the Slayer juice like you might have at the perennially-pumping Newtown bar.

Sydney's burger bonanza continues: The Mary's Burger at Mary's CBD.
Sydney's burger bonanza continues: The Mary's Burger at Mary's CBD. Photo: Kate Geraghty

There's also no seating or bathrooms. There's a counter, a kitchen, a help-yourself Coke machine, and a Sharpie-it-yourself graffiti wall.

And there are burgers. Delicious, delicious burgers.

The Mary's Burger ($10) is classic combo of beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese. The pattie uses a mix of chuck, brisket, and rump from pasture-fed O'Connor cattle raised in Victoria's Gippsland region.

"We've been working with Vic's Meats to source the best beef we can," says Mary's co-owner Kenny Graham.

Exclusive to the CBD store is a breakfast burger accommodating dusty office workers that features a pork-shoulder sausage pattie, Mary's housemade "trashcan" bacon, a hash brown, onion, cheese, HP sauce, and maple syrup and vinegar reduction ($12).

"We were going to put an egg on the breakfast burger but when we tasted it, it kind of tasted like egg already," says Graham. If you do want an egg in the AM, you can throw one on for $1 more.

There's also fries ($3), a fried chicken burger ($12) and a veggie burger ($10) with field mushroom in place of animal-based protein.

Thick shakes are on the cards for six bucks a pop, too. Flavours include chocolate, strawberry, and smoked maple.

154 Castlereagh St, Sydney, 10am-10pm daily