Just Open: Tella Balls Dessert Bar, Dulwich Hill

Callan Boys
The cronut collection at Tella Balls Dessert Bar.
The cronut collection at Tella Balls Dessert Bar. Photo: Supplied

It's here, hazelnut-chocolate-spread fans. Sydney's first ever Nutella-themed dessert bar is opening in Dulwich Hill on February 29.

Co-owners Aki Daikos and Simon Kappatos are the guys who sent the internet into a global tailspin with their Tella Ball Shake - a Nutella-filled doughnut on top of a milkshake. That was Foodcraft Espresso, the Erskineville cafe that the pair has since sold to focus on giving sweet-toothed Sydneysiders exactly what they want with Tella Balls Dessert Bar.

Tella Ball's icing-covered "Gelat-doughs".
Tella Ball's icing-covered "Gelat-doughs". Photo: Stephen Claxton

"We wanted to create a place that caters for people young and old, who want a one-stop shop to eat the most amazing desserts ever," says Daikos.

"We're not serving anything savoury," Kappatos adds. "Although we do want to stress, we're not selling meal replacements either - just purely delicious desserts!"  

The menu isn't exactly short on sweets. There's crepes and waffles made to order, a Nutella 'lasagne' of layered mousse cake and fresh cream on a biscuit base, tiramisu pancakes, panna cotta, Ferrero cups, rice pudding, knafeh and a Nutella-injected ganache. The Tella Ball shake makes an appearance and is now joined by a cronut-topped counterpart.

Tella Balls' ganache with an injection of Nutella.
Tella Balls' ganache with an injection of Nutella. Photo: Stephen Claxton

Gelato is made in-house and while you can eat it out of a cone, that seems pedestrian when you can instead have, ahem, a "Gelat-dough": gelato fashioned into a doughnut shape, whacked on a stick and covered with icing.  

"We'll be using a lot of other fun ingredients in our desserts other than just Nutella," says Kappatos. "Things like Kit Kats, Maltesers, Oreos and Mars Bars - things that we grew up eating ourselves. It brings us back to our childhood, and that's the best place you can be. When you're eating something sweet, and you're happy and smiling, life's good."

Open daily 11am-11pm, from February 29.

Crepes topped with smashed Oreos at Tella Balls.
Crepes topped with smashed Oreos at Tella Balls. Photo: Supplied

Shop 5, 370 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill